2" Trash Pump


2 Hours

4 Hours



Note this SKU: PU-3


This Tsurumi gasoline trash pump is portable and has been redesigned for an increase in the pump casing size. The wear plate is made of stainless steel so it is extra durable and has an access door to the impeller so that it can be conveniently taken off without having to remove the suction hose.


* Heavy duty Honda or Subaru gas engine, or Yanmar diesel engine delivers high power from a compact design
* High chrome impeller, cast iron volute casing with steel wear plate, provides increased durability and decreased maintenance
* Double Inside Mechanical Seal with SIC faces provides the longest operational life
* Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. (Patent Pending)
* Durable Rolled-Steel frame provides for a safe, stable platform, protects pump & engine during operation and transport, and allows for easy handling
* Built in thermal & amperage sensing, protector prevents motor failure due to overloading or accidental run - dry conditions
* Heavy duty Chain Drive OHC system
* High capacity air cleaner


* Never let machine run without being submerged first
* Always wear the proper PPE equipment when using
* Never place pump in sand or mud
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