Miter Saw Table

SKU: PT-16-A

2 Hours

4 Hours



Note this SKU: PT-16-A


This item is perfect for efficient cutting of door jambs and base boards. Adjustable cutting depth guide prevents cutting into plaster or wall board when trimming base boards.


* Extended tail on motor provides excellent control of saw 
* Trigger in tail is easier to hold while operating saw, providing greater safety 
* Patented design enables saw to cut full inside corners in molding up to 1/2 thick. Cuts up to 1-3/4 deep 
* Precision height adjustment from flush to 1-1/16 
* 120 Volts (with North American Plug), 9.5 amps, 1,050 watts, 8,000 RPM motor


* Always wear the proper PPE equipment when using
* Never leave machine running unattended
* Never place hands in line of cut
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