Towable Aerator


2 Hours

4 Hours



Note this SKU: LE-7


This unit is great for maneuvering around tight areas and corners with ease thanks to the dual tine rotors. Plus the unique side wheel system also adds to the maneuverability by allowing the aerator to move through tight passages and also allows it to be stored on its side.


* No engine to worry about! Just be sure to use a tractor with an engine that is 16HP or larger to tow this aerator.
* 36” of aerating width allows you to cover large areas in less time
* Aerate from 0-3” for precise and consistent coring
* Add up to 5 weight containers to add additional weight to ensure optimal soil penetration.


* Always wear the proper PPE equipment when using this item
* Always check that nothing is stuck under aerator
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